1st Symposium on accreditation of engineering courses in the Mediterranean

The title of engineer is considered to be one of the most highly valued diplomas in the Mediterranean basin. This gives engineering schools a status demanding

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Internal and external evaluations have become essential tools for improving the quality of engineering training. In the interest of harmonizing evaluation standards, accreditation is offered by recognized international bodies that represent national or international recognition. international

The symposium will seek to identify the panorama of accreditation agencies and to present the accreditation mechanisms Cti (France) and Abet (USA) as well as the European label EURACE. Conferences and round tables will be organized to give a culture of quality and certification of engineering education. Workshops will be dedicated to the learning of the accreditation guaranteeing the value of the diplomas issued

intervention of the secretary of state   Olivier Boiron / Ecole Centrale Marseille