Quality policies

The National Institution of Evaluation, Quality Assurance and Accreditation "IEAQA" operates under law n ° 2008-19 of 25 February 2008 relating to higher education and decree n ° 2012-1719 of 14 September 2012, on the basis of relevant criteria and objective procedures guaranteeing transparency and fairness.

The IEAQA is responsible for:

  • The evaluation of universities, institutions and training courses in higher education.
  • Accreditation of courses and training programs.
  • The establishment of criteria, methods, and procedures for evaluation & accreditation and their publication for information purposes to universities, higher education and research institutions, teaching staff, students and administrative staff.
  • The evaluation of universities, higher education and research establishments and scientific research institutions with a view to transforming their current status into a public scientific and technological establishment "EPST".
  • Support academic institutions to develop the culture of quality.

The objectives of IEAQA are defined as follows:

  • Establish the authority of IEAQA in quality assurance in Tunisia and initiate an external presence.
  • To sensitize and support decision-makers, interest groups and interested parties to the concept of evaluation and accreditation at the Tunisian university.
    Invest in the preparation and training of evaluators and experts.
  • Establish partnerships and networking with Arab, African, and international counterparts to facilitate mutual exchange and recognition.
  • Encourage studies, research, and innovations on the different components of quality assurance in higher education.
  • IEAQA considers that the quality of its services is essential to ensure its evaluation and accreditation missions and to meet the expectations of higher education institutions, public authorities, and all stakeholders.


  • applies pre-established quality criteria based on standards and standards for quality assurance of higher education nationally and internationally.

IEAQA ensures:

  • Establish and implement a quality management system that ensures the impartiality, objectivity, transparency, and effectiveness of the evaluation and accreditation system.
  • Engage and provide all necessary means to ensure and accomplish its missions in accordance with the standards and standards in force.
  • Constantly review the quality objectives, regularly assess their adequacy with the needs of the various stakeholders and implement the necessary improvement actions.
  • Continuously qualify, manage and supervise the skills of the staff & expert evaluators involved in the evaluation process.
  • Continuously improve the effectiveness of its methods and procedures to meet the expectations of stakeholders and build the trust required for the quality of services provided.
  •  This quality policy statement has been submitted to the IEAQA Board and approved on 31/10/2015.